Big Equipment Rentals

Adair Rentals will provide your needs in heavy equipment rentals. See our list of prices below with the pictures. For more information, give us a call.


Tow-able Man Lift

$150/day $165/weekend $540/week

Sky track

$240/day $280/weekend $840/week $1,900/month

Ditch Witch

$95/ 4 hours $125/day $160/weekend $625/week

Car Hauler Trailer

$65/day $225/week

Post hole digger

$75/day $85/weekend $225/week

D3 Dozer

$320/day $1350/week

302.5 Cat Mini 3 Ton Excavator


Cat 252 Skid Steer

$175/day $700/week

$1795 / month


226D Cat skid steer

$165/day $600/week

$1595 / month


Tractor with loader:

$150/day $650/week

Tractor with mower

$185/day $220/weekend $700/week

Tractor with box blade:

$150/day $650/week

Tow-able Man Lift

Sky Track

Sky Track

D3 Dozer

Cat Skid Steer


Mini Excavator

Ditch Witch

Post Hole Digger